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Lessons & Touring 

Learn the basics and enjoy a stand up session of both fitness and beauty as you touring our beautiful coast. Length of lesson / tour varies based on location (i.e.: flatwater vs ocean).

Wave Riding 

Designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler, Montauk Boardrider's SUP Wave Riiding instruction focuses on teaching individuals the key components of catching and riding a wave on a SUP, including: 

  • positioning yourself as you look for waves
  • recognizing incoming waves, sizes, and break patterns
  • developing judgment skills to improve wave selection
  • body mechanics to improve stance and balance​​ as you catch the wave



What to bring:

  1. Wetsuit (if you don't have one MBR can provide one)
  2. Comfortable (and secure) bathing suit 
  3. Towel
  4. Sunscreen